The most common Spring Health Problems!

"Do doctors question what you do Yadi?"

So, WOOD season (Spring!) is in full effect, and people are feeling it! In Wood season, the most common health are allergies, warm dampness and wind that gets into our bodies. So that means more dry sinuses, more sneezes, more congestion, more draining, more irritation, more everything we don't love about spring!

They ways we go about fixing these problems are a lot different from what you or your doctor may have heard of!

Back to the question our client asked, "Do doctors question what you do?" This is alternative care. If someone didn't ask a question three times a minute, it might be a daydream! We have Medical Doctors as clients, and get referrals from them. Do they question what we do?


1. Is it a detox? No. Your body detoxes itself when your absorption and elimination functions are restored. Detoxes are generally made to make you poop and pee (eliminate), but do not improve absorption.

2. Is it a diet? No. While we know that your body type or constitution may tolerate some foods better than others, we don't push a single diet. Everyone has a unique body/mind, so being a "one-trick-pony" doesn't work in clinic.

3. How long does your work take to fix a problem? Great question! The more acute or intense the problem, the faster it is. If you have a headache, or muscle pain, you could be back to normal in minutes with lasting results. If it's chronic, and long-term, it takes longer to reverse. Your body is what heals you, our work and your work with us is meant to make things happen for you in a safe and balanced way.

4. Is it chiropractic? Massage? Acupuncture? Reiki? This is the everyday question reel! "Chiro" means "hand", and "practic" means practice. We don't SNAP CRACKLE POP your joints, but it's a hands on practice. "Massage" is rubbing or kneading of muscles and joints to relieve pain and tension. We only use the acupuncture channels to let your body relieve pain and tension...we don't "rub the pain". "Acupuncture" (from Zhenjiu) means using needles in acupoints. We NEVER use anything to break the skin, but ALWAYS use the channel system. Our vibration, laser, PEMF, rolling, or whatever method is not breaking your, there's plenty of ACU, but zero PUNCTURE. "Reiki" is a new system based on tapping into "Ki" from the universe. A short answer is "no". We don't do Reiki.


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