The REAL difference between no needle acupuncture and acupressure!

Believe it or not, white coat syndrome exists outside of the doctor's office! While at a health fair years ago, the face of the woman who was backing away from us is still vivid! We were explaining to her that our clinic does NOT use needles! All she heard was "needles" and she never processed the no needles concept!

Even when we tell others that we do no needle acupuncture, everyone assumes that we do acupressure. What we do goes far beyond pressing on points with our fingers. Let us show you the difference!

The problem with acupressure!

Acupressure is the stimulation of acupuncture points with your thumb or finger. While this can bring some relief, there is a lot of limitation if you are relying on this method to get results!

Sometimes the finger or thumb is just too big!

Acu points really aren't THAT big! Sometimes they are located in places that can be a bit hard to reach. A thumb or finger isn't small enough to access certain points in the body.

You can only press so far!

There are seven layers in the body: skin, fascia, muscle, blood, lymph, nerves and bone. Imagine trying to use your fingers to help heal an issue in your bones. What if you need access to a joint? Your finger has the go through several layers of tissue (and fat) before it will even come close to the affected area.

You can injure your hands!

If you don't know the proper angle in which to press your finger to activate an acu point, if you use your thumbs improperly all the time and if you don't know what kind of force you need and where it should come from, it's pretty much guaranteed that your hands are gonna need more work than the rest of your body!

So, if fingers aren't great, what can you use?


Heat is very commonly used in Chinese Healing Arts for point activation. We are pretty familiar with how to use heat to temporarily increase body temperature to improve circulation and decrease pain. Heat can be used to improve fluidity to tight and stiff muscles and tissues. Traditionally, moxibustion or moxa is the tool of choice. Made from the mugwort herb, a lit moxa stick is placed just over the point (it never touches the skin!) and held there until you feel a sensation of heat, the pores open and the essential oils from the herb enters the body. There are modern moxa tools now that are smokeless and electric, in case the smell of mugwort is an issue.


Try this experiment-press into the center of your hand with a finger on the opposite hand for 15 seconds. Now, tap your finger repetitively in the same spot at a slow pace for 15 seconds. After that, tap the same area at a faster pace for the same length of time. Which technique has a much deeper sensation?

Vibration (percussion) therapy penetrates deeper layers in the body to help break up scar tissue adhesions, lymphatic congestion, muscle soreness, joint pain and problems with range of motion.


Light therapy is a non-medicinal, non-invasive and painless method that is used to boost circulation, speed healing, reduce inflammation and pain, and help the body to regenerate cells! We have everything from LED instruments the size of a pen to two full body light panels for complete body coverage. Because it's pain free, we use light therapy on our most sensitive clients without worry of causing more stress during their session.

The two most used wavelengths (colors) our in clinic are red and near infrared. Red reduces inflammation while near infrared penetrates into the deeper layers of the body, like the tendons, bones and cartilage.


We've used several different types of magnets in our own healing and in clinic. Magnet therapy works by using the natural iron in the bloodstream. Placing a magnet where there is pain or a blockage increases the blood flow temporarily to the area. Static (unmoving) magnets tend to have a very weak effect, but we have found much better results with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF). PEMF is exactly as it sounds-a magnetic field that pulses several times per minute or second! PEMF can penetrate through tissue, organ and bone! We have used PEMF to heal a broken collar bone in less than six weeks!


Sometimes, you have to pull out instead of pushing in! Cupping uses reverse pressure or suction to pull whatever is causing pain and distress to an area of the body (old lymph, cell wastes, adhesions) from deep within the tissues to the surface of the skin. This helps bring fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen to the area that was painful. Your circulatory system is now able to remove the wastes out of the body. It generally takes a few days for the body to complete the removal process.

The real key to success in using these different tools is knowing HOW they work, knowing WHERE to actually put them and having a real understanding of how the body works!!! This is where acupuncturist training really pays off! Get the full benefits of these therapies by working with someone who is trained!

Is there a way to do acupressure correctly? Sure! We created Vital Points, a DVD that shows you popular points and how to stimulate them without causing muscles strain. It's available in our shop!

If you are interested in learning how to use these tools for healing, consider joining our Clinician Training Course in 2018! We want to share this knowledge with the community, because everyone has the right to be healthy!


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