Do You Have S.A.D.? Don't be sad!! Beat it this winter season!

Let’s go hang out tonight! How about 6:30pm this Friday at QiGong class?

A lot more faces show up this time of year in class. Why?

Some of you are experiencing:

  1. Low Energy

  2. Insomnia

  3. Bad Moods

  4. Stiffness

  5. Heavy shoulders

  6. Back Pain

  7. Depression

  8. Anxiety

Well, most women (55%-80%) are known to develop SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER, known as S.A.D.

What is S.A.D. from an Eastern perspective, and how do we get our MOJO back?

The HuangDi NeiJing Classic of Traditional Chinese Medicine says that Late Fall and Winter bring on METAL season, followed by WATER season.

The METAL element deals with LUNG and LARGE intestine.

So, what happens when the short days and long nights of winter begin?

  1. You get less sunshine

  2. Your immune system weakens

  3. Your vitamin & mineral levels that flourish in the sunshine drop off

  4. You start losing energy

  5. Your moods aren’t as “bright and sunny”

  6. Your digestion slows down

All of these things can lead to S.A.D.

Do you KNOW that this is the most busy time of year in the hospital?

Do you know that this is the time of year with the most amount of depression related incidents?

You need some “EN-LIGHT-ENING”?

Not enough sunshine leads to reduced SEROTONIN, and increased MELATONIN.

SEROTONIN is a “feel good” hormone, and MELATONIN is the “sleep” hormone”


But, it doesn’t mean you’ll sleep well!

Often times S.A.D. causes our body to feel sluggish, heavy and fatigued, even after hours of sleep.

That’s SAD!

NO, that’s S.A.D.!

What can you do right now?

#1 Make sure you don’t start popping “happy pills” and eating sugar to feel temporarily happy.

#2 Give yourself some “perks”. Reward yourself with some Reflexology sessions for Metal Excess, and feel the changes happen right away.

#3 Get lots of antioxidants in your foods.

#4 Vitamin C and D are our favorites for this season


Get some RED LIGHT THERAPY at Charlotte Reflexology!

660nm and over 200 ULTRA BRIGHT Red Light in our Red Light Room can be like being on the beach at sunrise.

Red Light Therapy is CLINICALLY shown to regenerate skin, help with pain and S.A.D.

Red Light is coming to QiGong Classes this winter as well!

This is the season for PYRAMID PROTOCOL.

Look forward to more S.A.D. tips, and the latest in technology, along with the MOST ANCIENT healing wisdom of the East in our next blog.

Be Well, Stay Well


As you know, we are non-medical. This can’t be called medical advice, treatment, diagnosis or cure, for legal reasons.

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