The Man Behind The Plan!

If you have been to our clinic, been in Qigong class, or watched any of Yadi's videos, you may have heard his story. Or maybe you have only heard part of it!

Honestly, it's truly fascinating to hear how this man, a Chicago native who had dreams of being a hip hop star, went from chasing stardom to becoming one of the most sought after healers in the nation!

In this video clip, Yadi gives thanks and praises to his teachers, pays homage to his hometown, and tells you how his environment and his circumstances shaped him to be the man that he is today!

Stay tuned for the full story!

Meet Yadi in person at Eastern Traditional Healing Arts (ETHA) open house Nov 18th 4-6pm!

Let us know you are coming:

*Ask questions about the school! *Meet previous students! *Get a sneak peak of the techniques you'll learn! *Tour our clinic!

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