Renewed Hope! It's what we are really about at Charlotte Reflexology!

Right now,

There is a lot of buzz at Charlotte Reflexology! We are making changes to our website, we are preparing to launch enrollment for our school, ETHA, we are interviewing social media marketers, we're testing new tools to make your appointments faster and more effective, we've created new products for your home management of your health concerns.... JUST TO NAME A FEW!!!! Sometimes with all the increased activity, you lose sight of the reason you have all these services and make all of these products for your community. We took a minute away from the whirlwind and asked ourselves... WHAT IS CHARLOTTE REFLEXOLOGY REALLY ABOUT?

Is it about our 7 reflexology systems? No, that's what we use in clinic.

Is it about our innovative Qigong classes? No, that's a tool we present to you.

Is it about our school, Eastern Traditional Healing Arts Academy, that immerses you in Chinese healing methods in 6 months for less than the price of one semester at at private acupuncture school? No, that's really something we teach.

What we are really about, when you strip away renewed hope!

We are about a man, who at the age of 24, found something all natural and effective, to heal himself from a fatal liver disease, and actually lived longer than he imagined. He was so grateful for the new chance at life that he started his own business to help people realize their own potential for vibrant health.

We are about a woman who at the age of 35 started walking with a cane, who was on her way to being in a wheelchair before 40. In less than a year, with just the help of the Pyramid Protocol and daily Qigong, she walks normally (for her that's very fast!!!!) and keeps that cane as a reminder of how far she has come, since she doesn't need it anymore!

We are about a woman who was scheduled to have knee surgery, and after only 4 appointments, she made so much progress that she was able to cancel the surgery!

We are about a woman who suffered with infertility due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome for several years, who came to us for sessions and was finally able to conceive a beautiful healthy baby!

We are about a woman whose foot doctor told her that her only option was to do surgery that would leave her unable to walk normally for the rest of her life. After doing the Pyramid Protocol and 8 weeks of sessions, she was able to walk comfortably during her 3 week family vacation to the Grand Canyon!

There are many more stories to tell of people recovering from their illness and getting back to not only their health, but their LIFE! They never imagined that they would be able to normal again. They are thriving now!

Renewed hope is why we do our work! We want to help as many people as possible renew their hope in their health and their life! We want to help YOU realize your own ability to live and be healthy. That is really why we are here for you!

How can we help YOU?

Do you need an appointment? Get the no drug, all natural, pain-free experience!

Do you need a new way to exercise that builds your body instead of tearing it down?

Do you want to learn how to keep yourself, your friends, your family and your community healthy?

We are here for you. Let us know how we can help you renew your hope!

SHARE YOUR STORY! If we have helped improve your life, let us know how! Success is meant to be shared!

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