What wildfires teach us about Lung Health!

November 17, 2016


We really appreciate everyone that has been willing to work with us during the South Mountain wildfires and the air quality situation in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

The fires have been burning for close to two weeks now. Most people work on an M.O. of "Out of sight, out of mind". We thought that since it wasn't where we live, we didn't need to worry or consider the danger.


We were very wrong!


Before the air quality changed, we saw several signs that there was a problem, but we brushed them off. We saw 3 people with severe lung irritation in clinic and in class. We taught a special lung clearing class that Sunday. One of our clients had someone just die from complications from lung cancer. It was no accident that they were speaking about their family history of lung problems and hipped us to some cool equipment to improve lung strength.


We saw