You can learn the "magic" that we do!

A lot of people believe that we are fortune tellers, magicians, and psychic. None of that is true.

We are body readers.

We "read" and interpret the signs that the body is giving you.

After we read those signs, we create a plan for your recovery based on what your body has told us.

Yadi learned his skills from hard core hands-on experience working in Chinatown with a teacher that didn't speak English well.

Because of his "trial by fire" experience, he figured out how to make the methods that he learned easy to understand.

The first time I met him, he explained the five elements chart in less than 10 minutes. No one had ever made it that simple to understand before. In English no less!

Of course I was on board when he decided he wanted to open a school to teach his techniques.

So I learned my skills in our school, Eastern Traditional Healing Arts Academy, and I'm very proud to say that!

Our next 6 month training course begins Oct. 1st. Our registration ends Sept 19th. It's 6 months of intensive training, in simple English, that cost half the price it would for you to go to massage school, and full of opportunities to get hands on training.

Contact us for more details.

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