What real healing feels like!


Healing isn't "feeling better".

Feeling Better is a result of healing.

When you are healing, you will experience the same symptoms, in less aggressive, milder form and less frequently.

THAT is healing.

It's not magic.

It's natural.

When you cut yourself, and the blood clots, that's the FIRST level of healing: Emergency Response.

When the cut forms a scab, that is the SECOND level: Adaptation Response

When the skin heals under the cut, the scab falls off, that is the THIRD level: Renewal Response.

When the wound is completely healed, there may be a scar. The scar will cause it's own problems eventually...

NOW, imagine if you've had AUTOIMMUNE, OBESITY, HEART, DIABETES OR CANCER conditions...

How LONG and how many levels of healing do you think the body does?

You may just want to "feel better" now, and THAT'S why you pop pills...

You're LOSING more years on pills than it would take to heal UNCOMFORTABLY in some cases.

My long term clients and students know this:

You start on a course of therapy/exercise, you will succeed every day. To skip the healing process only makes it TAKE LONGER!!!


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