Why Most Acupuncture SUCKS!!!

August 10, 2016


Ok, so you're lying on someone's treatment table...

There's a chart on the wall with a bunch of lines and dots...

Maybe there's even some elevator Chinese music playing in the background...

What's going to happen?  The NEEDLES ARE COMING!!!

Yep, acupuncture is usually just YOU, sitting in the office, listening to the tick of a timer with some needles stuck in you...at least that's the case with many acupuncturists.

None of acupuncture's claims of antiquity, being a comprehensive treatment for EVERY DISEASE can be validated by modern science, so you're probably being told that this will help with STRESS and PAIN.

The fact is, acupuncture has been a lost art for MANY years...even in China, the mother country of acupuncture.  Traditional practices have been phasing out since 1850, according to my native Chinese mentor, who is 7th generation in Traditional Medicine.

"They could get better results using darts", said my KungFu instructor, a student of a Taoist Monk since 1959.

I always thought that acupuncture was awesome!  It made me feel really good...then really bad, then really good...then bad.  I went to different clinics to see what the difference is.  In over 7 years, I had over 100 treatments.  Out of 100, only 10 were actually GOOD.

So, if 10 out of 100 sessi