This isn't just a 3 inch piece of metal! Oh no! It's a magic wand! (Just kidding!)


This 3 inch piece of metal just might become your biggest germ fighting ally! No soap? No hand sanitizer? No problem! It's called the "Copper Eraser"! It's an uncoated, 99.9% copper piece that's perfectly sized to take anywhere with you. More environmentally sound than empty sanitizer bottles and wipes!

This "Copper Eraser" was sized this way for many reasons:
*Keep it in your pocket!
*Fits perfectly in your hands so you can rub them together for the full minute to kill germs if there is no soap.
*Fits into any bottle or jar so you can easily make copper water!
*Fits comfortably in your nose so you can do a copper nasal swab. There are reports that state that copper kills respiratory viruses. (No medical claims!)
*We just learned that folks are using it to push elevator buttons! Genius!

The "Copper Eraser!"

  • We cannot except returns on this item, but please contact us if there is a problem with your order. 

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