Taoist Monk QiGong 2.0 is a very unique blend of 5 Element Yin and 5 Element Yang exercises, along with specific standing postures, to create spiraling energy that radiates through every cell of the body. 

This knowledge is extremely rare, and was usually passed on to select few students. The routines are explained in theory, demonstrated clearly, and shown at different skill levels. Over 10 years of practice and study have been dedicated in assembling the collective experience of Yadi's Taoist teachers. 100 days of practicing Taoist Monk Qigong can produce massive transformation in the physical, mental and emotional state of the practitioner. 

Disclaimer-Please consult a physician before beginning any physical exercise. No claims of treatment, diagnosis or cure are being made.

Taoist Monk Qigong 2.0

  • Taoist Monk QiGong is often bought with QiGong for Strength and Power and QiGong for Serious Health Conditions.