Most QiGong programs look like "old people" exercises. In fact, those are 100% valid QiGong practices for balancing the 14 meridians, and harmonizing the mind and the breath. 

However, QiGong is diverse! This DVD focuses on the Martial QiGong "jibengong" conditioning of Shaolin and Wudang  Kung Fu. Jibengong was aimed at 5 main principles: 

1. Using the bones and connective tissues to generate power.
2. Restoring the "essence' for maximum performance. 
3. Creating a youthful body with long sinews (connective tissue) and firm muscles
4. Increasing the endurance, strength and elasticity of all cells
5. Creating the "ultimate athlete", with healthy organs, bones, sinews and muscles.

QiGong For Strength And Power

  • This DVD is often purchased with the Eastern Power Walking Series and Taoist Monk QiGong.