Arthritis? Cancer? Diabetes? Obesity? Autoimmune? Heart Disease? Depression/Anxiety? Stress? Fatigue? Pain? Weakness?
Learn to heal yourself...FOR REAL. The BEST care is SELF CARE.

A lot of good people want to get well, but they don't know how. This video course will explain how to use QiGong as medicine. There are over 7,500 different styles of QiGong, and QiGong For Serious Health Conditions
uses some of the oldest, most tried-and-true in existence.

What you will get:
2 DVDs (over 3 hours of instruction)

1. Breathing Secrets That Transform Your Body Instantly
2. Self Analysis Exercises That Show You What Is Really Going On Inside You
3. QiGong For Cancer
4. Bone Marrow Cleansing
5. Lymph Fluid Pumping QiGong
6. Techniques For Balancing Digestion
7. Techniques For Blood Pressure Issues
8. Techniques For Headaches and Migranes
9. Techniques For Low Immune System Activity
10. Golden Elixir QiGong
11. Rare Exercises For Neurological/Psychological Issues


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QiGong For Serious Health Conditions

  • QiGong For Serious Health Conditions is often purchased with Lung QiGong and Save Your Joints

  • "I heard stories about MIRACLE techniques...but now I met someone who actually did it".  

    Marie, Age 56 
    "Yadi Alamin is a true QiGong Master.  I felt NO pain after 20 years doing his program for two days".
    Terrance, Age 61 Cancer Survivor
    "THIS is real.  Everything I wanted to know in one place.  People need to know".
    Joy, Age 39 Arthritis Sufferer