This DVD is for all of the men who have trained MSQG v1 and v2 and still want to learn to recycle.

Male Sexual QiGong is not a "hack" or an overnight method to restoring "Jing".

It is a companion for your life! Sex hormones influence your whole endocrine system (microcosmos), brain, and entire body. You have a "special" way of regenerating yourself, that no pill, no injections, and no "magic" can equal.


Yadi has been practicing MSQG for 13 years and he has experienced:

1. A more youthful appearance
2. Better muscle tone
3. Vitality and Stamina
4. Bone density
5. Stronger immunity
6. Improved libido
7. Better mental clarity
8. Improved attitude and disposition

(No medical claims)


For more information about the system, watch this short video.

MSQG 3.0

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