For the man who cares enough about himself to do it...the benefits reported from the UPDATED Male Sexual QiGong are staggering!

Male Sexual QiGong was originally reserved for members of the Imperial Chinese Court, in order to produce SONS that would carry on the Emperor's Kingdom.

This "QiGong" or "Chee Gong" was based on:
1. Strengthening The Internal Organs
2. Strengthening The Bones
3. Improving Testosterone (Jing) Production
4. Balancing The Nerves and Glands
5. Creating SUPERHUMAN Energy and Power

Male Sexual QiGong 2.0 Consists of:
1. 8 Seated ROOT Exercises: Exercises that target each of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians
2. 8 Seated BRANCH Exercises: 8 Repetitive Exercises that balance and harmonize Qi and Blood done in between the 8 Root Exercises
3. 8 Standing ROOT Exercises: 8 Movements from Huanglung Temple Taoist QiGong for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians
4. 8 Standing BRANCH Exercises: 8 Repetitive Movements to distribute Qi and Blood properly throughout the MS

Male Sexual Qigong 2.0

  • Male Sexual Qigong 2.0 is often purchased with the Amazing Woman's Sexual Health DVD series and Kidney Meridian Oil.

  • "I couldn't even do the first exercise on the video. I called Yadi to ask him which exercises were the most important, and he said ALL of them.
    It took a week to get my stomach muscles strong enough to do the cycling exercise, after which my back pain stopped. It's been 3 weeks with NO pain.
    My belly is flat, my shoulders are relaxed, and I have a look of strength and confidence
    Also, when I wake up, let's just say, everything's working".

    Paul F


    "I've been a Taijiquan practitioner for 40 years, and have done QiGong since I was 15 years old. I met Yadi at a discussion he was giving at Carolina Medical Center. He was very funny, and had a spark of personality, so I gave him a visit at his clinic.

    Yadi's Male Sexual QiGong is beyond comparison. He has organized a system based on the Bagua, which he feels strongly balances the 8 extraordinary vessels.
    The routine was awesome. I had so much fun using Yadi's warm ups, he had to teach me the routine in 3 sessions.

    The energy I feel is balanced perfectly, and is probably the strongest sensation of Qi I have ever felt.

    My legs felt warm and full of blood, my back was lengthened and dropped, and I have no complaints about the self massage after QiGong.

    This is the most unique interpretation I've seen on Male Sexual QiGong. Yadi is not modest about telling you how many hours it took him to create, and for good reason.

    I plan on practicing this set every day, and will recommend to every man in my age bracket."



    You see it, you hear it, you missed it.
    Yadi looks smooth and subtle, but this workout is INTENSE.
    I watched the video, and kind of brushed it off, because it looked simple.

    Then, I did the exercise after Yadi insisted.
    WOW. I'm without words. The first three exercises targeted my Kidney, Low Back and hips, and they are WEAK.
    Yadi's strength is deceptive. He can take any motion and create a full body surge of energy. It's obvious that I underestimated him.
    It's been two weeks, and I've slept better, had HUGE gains in energy, and my sex drive is up. I'm 52 years old, and that's impressive.

    I think this version of Male Sexual QiGong is better explained than the one I learned from another teacher, and the energy is powerful.

    Great stuff, Yadi.


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