What really causes our skin to age? One theory suggests that over time, oxidation is the biggest culprit. Our skin oxidizes from too much sun exposure along with free radicals inside the body (those can come from cigarette smoking, air pollutants, and industrial chemicals). Oxidative stress can lead to chronic inflammation which can break up collagen in the skin and also makes the skin lose elastin. Bothh collagen and elastin are what makes skin look firm and youthful. 


Using hydrogen water on the skin reduces the oxidative potential but also improves elasticity! One study tested a naturally sourced mineral water with oxidation reduding properties against prepared water containing molecular hydrogen. Bathing in both of these waters decreased oxidation on human skin! 


When you need to get hydrogen on your face without having to make a bath or wait to bubble hydrogen into water, this hydrogen mister is the perfect accessory! Since it's portable, you can take it anywhere so you'll never be without this healing natural element for your face or hands! 



*Size: 5 in x 1.7 in

*Volume: Holds 20 ml of 2/3 ounce

*Hydrogen content: 1450~1550ppb

*Operation time: 2 min

*Battery Capacity: 540mAh

*Voltage: 220V, 50~60Hz, 3.7V , 2A

Hydrogen Water Mister