We are thrilled to have found a medical grade hydrogen machine at a reasonable price! We have been using hydrogen infused water for over 10 years and wanted to start inhalation. Once we found this machine and began regular hydrogen inhalation therapy, our lives changed!


Hydrogen is the most natural anti-inflammatory substance on the planet!


Use this machine to:

*Make Hydrogen Infused Water

*Inhalation Therapy

*Hydrogen Bathing



*Very easy to use

*Very easy to operate

*Extremely powerful

*Low Level Water

*Over pressure shut off sensor

*Up to 8 hour timer so you can inhale while you sleep



Width: 8.75 in

Length: 12.5 in

Height: 10.5 in

Weight: 16 lbs

Gas Output: 95 L/hr

Water Volume: 1000ml

Voltage: AC 110V

Hydrogen Inhalation Machine