If you need more hydrogen output with the same ease of operation without the maitenance, this is the machine for you! The H2 Pro 600 is recommended to anyone that weighs more than 250 pounds or plans on doing a lot of hydrogen baths. You can breathe in nearly 200 times the H2 of one 500 mL bottle of H2 water!


Hydrogen is the most natural anti-inflammatory substance on the planet! Other hydrogen benefits include: 

  • Improving cellular health and protection from diseases caused by free radicals.

  • Better nutrient absorption in the body better hydration for your body.

  • Improving muscle-tissue functions & joint mobility

  • Improving the quality of life of cancer patients undergoing treatment

  • Increasing blood circulation and lowering saturated fat & cholesterol levels

  • Reducing the signs of aging to give healthy-looking skin

  • Neutralizing free radicals.

  • Improving bowel movements & reducing constipation problems


There are several studies on the effects on hydrogen on the body: http://www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com/studies

Use this machine to:

*Make Hydrogen Infused Water

*Inhalation Therapy

*Hydrogen Bathing



*Very easy to use

*Very easy to operate

*Extremely powerful

*Low Level Water

*Over pressure shut off sensor

*Timer so you can inhale while you sleep

*HHO Brown's gas for inhalation

*Remote Control



Hydrogen purity: 99.999%

Output of H2: 450 ml/min Hydrogen, 150 ml/min Oxygen

Technology type: SPE PEM(Dupont proton exchange membrane)

Power: 110V±10%, 50Hz

Rated power: 160W

Size: 15 inches×7 inches×12 inches

Weight: 25lb

Working life: Around 8000 hours

Materials: Stainless steel, Glass, Plastic, Titanium, Platinum, etc.

Applicable water: Distilled water only

Time setting: up to 99 minutes. Can set for continuous operation

Recommended usage: 60 mintues per day

H2 Pro 600 Molecular Hydrogen Machine