Finally! A way to get clear skin! 

Fix Ya Face is a method of exercise based on Traditional Chinese healing practices, and Vietnamese Facial massage techniques. With this video, you will not only get smoother, younger, blemish free skin, but you will also learn how to 'read' the flaws on your face to help you address health challenges you may not be aware of so your skin remain beautiful! 

All you need is fifteen minutes a day! 
These routines are short enough for you to fit into your busy schedule at any time, yet super effective so you see results fast! With regular practice, your skin will be glowing, vibrant and healthy in no time!

Fix Ya Face! Easy Exercises for Ageless Beauty!

  • Fix Ya Face is usually purchased with Himalayan Salt Balls and Mature Skin Serum.

  • "I do the exercises everyday, but there is so much good information, that I watch the DVD over and over again! I pick up something new every time!" B.W.

    "I love the DVD! The exercises are so easy and effective. I started last month. I haven't missed a day and I totally see the difference! My breakouts heal in days, not weeks!" J. A.